Brand Security Solutions to Battle Product Counterfeiting

Counterfeit medical devices pose a danger to the public as they are usually not made to the quality standards that well known, tried and trusted medical device companies require…in other words, the welfare of the patient may be compromised. However, there is a solution. Authentix® is a global branded protection and solutions company offering covert brand protection technology that effectively battles product counterfeiting.

Authentix® technology is compounded into a specified plastic material that will eventually be used to manufacture the medical device. The taggant provides for a high level of security uniquely detected by Authentix® proprietary handheld detectors. The inorganic taggant is added in very low levels to the polymer and does not impact color or the physical properties of the material and is REACH Registered-inert and safe. In addition, since it is “covert” in nature, it enables only the brand owner to identify its presence with the detector.

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