Throughout the lifecycle of medical device development, material requirements can change significantly. Early stage development often includes machined or 3D printed prototypes.  Clinical trials and validations require small quantities of raw material for extrusion, injection molding or other processes that will be used in production.  Marketed devices often require larger volumes of raw material.  Foster seeks to support all of these stages directly, or with partners that allow customers to focus on product design rather than material sourcing. 

Precision Shapes and Components

Genesis Medical Plastics is a provider of “resin-to-shape” polymer conversion into rod, plate, and tube for machined components for the medical and life science industries. Stock shapes provide customers with a quick and economical route for prototypes and scaling up to commercial manufacturing. Depending on volume, machined parts can also be a flexible platform for production parts with little to no capital investment.

These products have been used in different medical applications, including spinal, trauma fixation, cardiovascular, dental, arthroscopy, orthopedic, analytical equipment, surgical instruments, prosthesis, and veterinary.  Material selections by GMP include PEEK, PAEK, PPS, PEI, PPSU, PSU, PAI, and carbon fiber reinforced materials. Genesis can also provide shapes for permanent medical implants..

Literature for Genesis Medical plastics

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