Foster Appointed Distributor of Resirene SMMA Copolymers for Healthcare Market

PUTNAM, CT  USA – (December, 5 2017) – Foster Corporation, a leader in polymer solutions for healthcare markets, has been appointed exclusive distributor of Resirene CET® styrene methyl methacrylate (SMMA) copolymers for the United States and Canadian medical markets effective November 1, 2017.  Foster will also offer custom compounds based on SMMA copolymers, including custom colors and impact modified grades.

Resirene’s CET SMMA combines the ease of processing of styrene polymers with the crystal clarity of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), commonly referred to as acrylic. It also provides an ideal balance of rigidity and surface characteristics, while offering a high degree of chemical resistance, crack resistance, and temperature performance not available with styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) or PMMA.  Applications for CET SMMA copolymers include intravenous (IV) connectors and luers, dialysis filter housings, surgical kits and trays, and labware.

“Our customers are always looking for transparent material options that can help them to meet performance requirements and regulatory approvals,” said Larry Johnson, Executive Vice President for Foster Corporation.  “Resirene CET SMMA copolymers contain no bisphenol A (BPA), which makes it an excellent alternative to BPA-based polycarbonates used in medical devices.”

“We have already seen successes in medical applications for our CET SMMA material,” said Moises Romero Manig, Market Development & Business Intelligence Manager at Resirene, “With Foster’s focus and expertise in this market we are confident that this collaboration will help to accelerate our growth.”

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